Our Ministries


The children’s department is dedicated to impacting the children within the age group of 2 – 10 years old. We provide christian education in a structured, condusive and safe environment. Our goal is to introduce the children to know God at this tender age while building on a solid foundation established on God’s word and His ways. We are committed to them experiencing God’s love and salvation by keeping them busy with fun activities and special events ensuring that valuable spiritual deposit are made into their lives. Proverbs 22 vs 6

The children are taught God’s word every Sunday through various mediums like painting, song, crafts, group activities. The teachers ensure the safety of the children by handing out tokens to parents/caregivers who drop off children which is what is used to checkout children at the end of service.

We welcome Teachers- If you are born again, above 18 yrs and passionate about impacting the lives of children Police criminal records check required.Email us at kidschurch@houseofdavid.org


This is the mens’ group. They meet on the last Saturday of every month for a rich time of bible study, learning, information sharing, networking, and fellowship. This helps to equip the men with essential tools for maximizing their God given potentials, and to be the godly husbands, fathers and role models that God has made them to be.


SHERR is the House of David ministry for married couples who desire children, but are facing challenges in the area of conception or childbearing. “And Sarah declared, “God has brought me laughter. All who hear about this will laugh with me.” (Genesis 21:6(NLT).

SHERR is an acronym formed from the initial letters of the names of five women in the Bible – Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth, Rebekah and Rachel – who had one thing in common;they all believed God for children. Through travails, waiting, believing and holding on to the promise from God, they eventually received their children from the Lord. These women are role models for us in this regard.

The SHERR is department is very unique. We run a monthly prayer meeting where we specifically seek the face of God along with our brethren trusting God for children and we take a stand of faith with those that are already pregnant believing God for a safe delivery. Afterwards we hand them over to our wonderful women’s group who will help them settle down with their newborns and within the church community as a whole

The SHERR department meets physically from 7:00pm to 8.30pm every 4th Friday of each month.

Women that are expecting Gods visitation in the area of child bearing as well as already pregnant mothers

We also welcome mothers who received their bundles of joy after a lengthy wait to come and encourage others with their testimonies and prayers

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time for prayers and any other support should you need to do so. Email us


This is where children in grades 7 – 12 and undergraduates are nourished. They are taught God’s word in a fun environment and given opportunities to make spiritual and social connections with their peers. House of David provides a platform for teens to showcase their talents through dance, drama, and song presentations in the adult church, balanced with outdoor church activities such as volunteering, movies, camping, barbecue, etc.  For more information, click here.


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This is the women’s group. It offers women the opportunity to hang out and be refreshed through fellowship with other Christian women. This is when the women support and encourage each other by sharing God’s word, and exchange godly counsel/ideas that help them succeed and maximize their potentials as women, mothers and role models in the home church, and society. Good women meet on the 3rd Saturday of every month.


This group is for the youths(adults aged 18-40), and it offers a wonderful opportunity to get together with other Christian youths. Firm foundation meets regularly for a wonderful time of bible study, discussions, career chats etc. In the summer, there are lots of fun events including movie nights, barbeque gatherings etc. You are welcome to be part of their inspiring and life changing programs.


This is the meeting place for singles and newly married folks. Lighthouse relationships takes a very practical and scriptural approach in dealing with challenges that people face in dating, courtship and marriage. The bi-monthly meetings are semi-formal and characterized by lectures, discussions, comments, questions and answer sessions. Part of Lighthouse relationships’ mission is to equip young adults with the tools to build model relationships that will serve as a lighthouse to the world, and to teach the importance of living a holy lifestyle.


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