(Acts 12:1)
“Now about that time Herod the king stretched forth his hands to vex certain of the church

The Scripture speaks of the season when Herod and his dynasty reigned over Israel. According to Bible history, Herod was an Edomite (descendants of Esau). In Genesis 25 vs. 23-26, God told Rebekah that the elder (Esau) will serve the younger (Jacob). So, the descendants of Esau were to serve the descendants of Jacob. The descendants of Jacob were to bear rule.

Several years later, Herod, a descendant of Esau, began to reign over Israel. The same person who should serve Israel began to preside over Israel. The order that God put in place was turned upside down. There was a demonic reversal of roles, and the servant became the master while the master became the servant. Simply put, there was a negative reversal.

Beloved, hear me as I hear the Lord: there shall be no negative reversal. Whatsoever the Lord has ordained for you will not be given to another; no man will take your place; your royalty will not be passed on to another; your relevance won’t be reduced; your greatness won’t be replaced with irrelevance; your progress won’t change to retrogression; your favour won’t turn to rejection; your ‘servant’ will not rule over you IJN.

In the name of Jesus, If there be any demonic reversal of positions, today, I decree restoration. Every ground, space, opportunity, etc you already lost returns to you; no ‘Herod’ and no ‘Herodian’ dynasty will bear rule over you; no power of hell will reduce your destiny to rubbles; no wickedness of the enemy will put you under when you should be above only IJN

Declare With Me: My destiny will not be reduced or exchanged, in Jesus’ name!


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